Clara Chérie it is also..

Bespoke accessories, headpieces, plastron necklaces and costumes for various events : fashion shows, dance shows, concerts, fashion editorial, weddings…


POP TA PARTY, book launch party // designing and styling of a fashion show performance


POP TA PARTY, Eyrolles editions // designing of the cosmic outfits


LIME CRIME MAKE-UP, advertising campaign // designing of the headpieces


LONDON CLOTHES SHOW, Harajuku catwalk // designing of the headpieces


DANS L’OEIL DES ENFOIRES, french singers’ show // designing of a cake dress, Lady Gaga inspired outfit…


MYSTICLANDdance show // designing of a hat and a whole outfit


LAURELINE KUNTZ, video shooting at Cannes’ festival // fashion styling and designing of the accessories


COLOR FLASH BACK, Ouch magazine // shoot styling