Custom made outfits for your especial events 


MYSTICLAND, dance show // designing of a hat and a whole outfit, june 2015

LAURELINE KUNTZ, video shooting during Cannes’ festival // fashion styling and designing of the accessories, may 2015

POP TA PARTY, book launch party // designing and styling of a fashion show performance, oct 2014

POP TA PARTY, Eyrolles editions // designing of the cosmic outfits, may 2014

PRIVATE CUSTOMER, wedding in Las Vegas // designing of a pink flamingo printed pin-up dress, sept 2014

PRIVATE CUSTOMER // designing of a burger printed jacket

COLOR FLASH BACK, Ouch magazine // styling shoot, april 2014

JENIFER, french pop singer // designing of a cake dress, february 2011

DANS L’OEIL DES ENFOIRES, french singers’ show // designing of a Lady Gaga inspired outfit, feb 2010

PRIVATE CUSTOMER // création d’un costume sur le thème des voyages, juillet 2014

LONDON CLOTHES SHOW, Harajuku catwalk // designing of the headpieces, june 2010

LIME CRIME MAKE-UP, advertising campaign // designing of the headpieces, may 2010