About Clara




Clara attended 4 years of haute couture courses, she moved to Paris in 2006 to learn applied arts in a prestigious school of art and fashion, and finally specialized in fashion and textile design. After putting her talent at some places such as Tatty Devine’s brand, designer Charlie Le Mindu and fashion stylist Alexis Knox  in London, she centers on a personal project creating Clara Chérie outfits.

Clara is working for fashion as well as for events and shows. Her technical expertise added to her creativity give rise to various high art projects.
Inspired by pop idols from the 90’s, cartoons and fantasies, Clara Chérie is fresh, colorful and quirky!
Clara designs unique pieces for evolving collections; hairy collars, geometric plastron necklaces, fluffy toys headpieces.
Clara Chérie pieces are available on her e-shop via her website. Outfits, costumes and accessories can also be made to order for fashion or events (shows, performances, fashion shoots, video clips, advertising).

Nostalgic, Clara is playing with Girl Power and japanese culture codes, and imagine creations for events: cosmic dream party, my little pony birthday party, pompom surprise party, fantasy animal parade, fluo roller disco, pyjamas party !

The Party is never ending with Clara Chérie!